Introducing the Bili Cap: a blend of function, quality and fashion, this cap not only shields you from the sun but also elevates your style. Inspired by classic denimwear, its structured design features a full cotton denim canvas (dead stock) that mirrors the sophistication of a jeans. Whether you wear it with casual outfits or more polished ensembles, the Bili Cap is your go-to accessory for versatility and chic appeal.

Handmade in Portugal.

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We try to ensure your Affêre meets you in the greenest way possible. We will bring you your first Affêre by bike. This way we limit our footprint as much as possible.

In case your Affêre has to be shipped to a location (in NL) which is not in our bike ride reach, we will ship your Affêre to you for free.

Want to know how we price our products?
Keeping our footprint as little as possible is very important to us. Therefore we only partner with certificated factories and where possible make use of available dead stock or leftover fabric. We transport over land and try to boycot flying as much as possible. All our items are fully handcrafted. And although all these ethics should just be someones license to operate, they come with a price. But, we also believe shopping should be fun. Hence, we try to keep our prices as low as possible, without profit maximisation goals, while we tend to make just enough to invest in your next Affêre.

Crafted in a fully licensed factory, this cap is made from 100% organic cotton, ensuring both quality and sustainability.

In order to minimize waste as much as possible, we use stock leather. This is left-over fabric which would have been wasted otherwise.

Like all leather, it can be fragile and remains a quick-damage material. Treating the mules with love and care will therefore payoff in the longevity. As with all our products, these mules are fully handmade. During this craftsmanship, the manufacturing process could leave some marks on the material. This is normal and any imperfections are part of the hand-made experience of these wonderful mules.

We believe leather is the most natural and elegant material to use for the production of a high-end shoe. Please note that this product is 'alive' and fragile to rough times. To keep her as beautiful as possible, we recommend you just keep the shoe in the box forever ;)