• Slow Fashion

    A concept built on the philosophy that fashion should be slow yet colorful. We design and create standalone pieces and launch them as a single Affêre. We drop a single piece that comes in several colors and launch them as different Affêres with their own story, personality and production. The result is a concept without overproduction, no necessary sales, no standard buy-in cycles, while benefitting from a single sample cycle. This is better for the environment and leaves a smaller footprint

  • European Certificated Ateliers

    Sustainability plays a big role. Our special and exclusive concept invites for a new way of doing fashion. We want all our fabric to be of traceable origin and only strive to use eco-friendly cardboard/paper for all purposes, from shoeboxes to hangtags. We look for natural fabrics and transport goods and people in the most sustainable way. We have a long term vision that has to be shared and more importantly passed on. 


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