The Affêre concept

Our special and exclusive concept invites for a new way of doing fashion. We design and create standalone pieces and launch them as a single Affêre. All with their own story, personality and production.
And all made in our European Ateliers.

Every drop consists of one piece in several colors or variants. This drastically limits the risk of overproduction and oversampling. We don’t design collections and certainly don’t follow the standard production cycle. We believe it is our duty to educate because sharing knowledge contributes to a better world and future.

We just drop one piece at a time in several colors and do this with a 'planet first' mindset from process to product. Resulting in a single sampling and production process, which massively decreases our footprint and doesn't ask for necessary sales to compensate for overproductions

We have a long term vision that has to be shared and more importantly passed on.