Sustainability plays a big role. 

Our special and exclusive concept invites for a new way of doing fashion. We believe we are not only on this earth to consume, but also to contribute. In not only saying, but in the act of doing. That's why we are a proud member of 1% for the planet.

We believe the resources used during production and the long-term effects should not be underestimated. Act now, the future does not change automatically.

Therefore we seek [dead]stock garment for our next drops to minimize garment waste and only work with ateliers that are fully and rightly licensed.

We want all our fabrics to be of traceable origin in Europe and strive to only use eco-friendly or recycled materials for all purposes, from shoeboxes to hangtags. We look for certificated cotton and transport goods and people in the most sustainable way. We have a long term vision that has to be shared and more importantly passed on.

We champion kindness and compassion.  And welcome all types of bodies and minds.

The result is a concept without overproduction, no necessary sales and no standard buy-in cycles. This is better for the environment and leaves a smaller footprint.

Forget the fast fashion and standard collection buildup every summer and winter. Step away from the traditional fashion industry and forget it ever existed, because your Affêre has just started. Therefore we always do business with our planet in the back of our minds.

End your Affêre
Although someone could have a place in your heart forever, some things could just still come to an end. In case you're done with your Affêre, we encourage you to donate or refurbish him, her or it, instead of a harsh break up.