We design and create standalone pieces and launch them as a single Affêre. All with their own story, personality and production.

Every drop consists of one piece in several colors or variants. We don’t do collections and certainly don’t follow the standard spring/summer or fall/winter production cycle. 

The result is a concept without overproduction, no necessary sales and no standard product overkill. This is better for the environment and leaves a smaller footprint

Founded in 2022 by Yoeki de Bree.

Affêre is the new generation fashion brand that sets aside the traditional way of thinking.
A brand that not only cares for its final products, but also for the entire production process.

After years of experience in the fashion industry and inspired by the many different cultures visited during her entire life, Yoeki decided she wanted to do things differently and start a fashion brand with its own concept, rather than following the mass.
And that's when the Affêre concept was born.

It resulted in a one-of-a-kind brand where we work with all kinds of materials and are not limited to a single type of fashion. We have a 'planet first' mindset and an ambition to do good. Affêre is seasonless and for all and everyone.

Lastly, Affêre is a brand that has some very important work ethics that listen to the name of:
appreciation, transparency, elegancy, women-friendly, timeless, fun, limited, exclusive, genderless and colors.